TORONTO - An Oakville man says he received a package in the mail that was addressed to someone at his address, but it was sent 18 years ago.

"I am more excited to know what happened to this sweet little package that got lost," Khalid Nasir said, speaking to CTV News Toronto.

The package is stamped December 19, 2001 and it was mailed from Vancouver. It’s covered in holiday wrapping paper and Nasir is convinced it's a Christmas present that's been waiting 18 years to be opened.

While he is curious about what is inside, Nasir says he never thought once of opening it. 

“I would never open it because it is not my property. I am a very civic-minded individual. I just want it to end up in the hands of who it was really destined for," Nasir said.

CTV News Toronto contacted Canada Post who said they believed the parcel was found in September, when mail operations were moved from an older depot to a new facility in Burlington. Usually, when a misplaced package is sent, it’s delivered with a letter of explanation, but that wasn't done in this case. 

A spokesperson for Canada Post told CTV News Toronto, “We have left our contact information…so that we can retrieve the parcel and return it to the original sender.” 

“We apologize to our customers – current resident, original intended recipient and sender.” 

Nasir is hopeful the person the package was meant for will still receive it. 

After contacting CTV News Toronto, Nasir said he will now turn the package over to Canada Post. 

“This is your property. It has not been opened. It is sealed, so you can do whatever you want with it, but please don't wait another 18 years!” Nasir said.