TORONTO -- It’s been a little more than a week since Canadians voted a Liberal minority government back into Parliament, marking an end to the country’s first—and hopefully only—pandemic-era election.

With not much of a change in terms of representation in the House of Commons, what does this mean for the country’s COVID-19 action plan? What comes next in Canada’s fight against the virus?

On Sept. 20, Canadians went to the polls to vote for their new government. About 62 per cent of eligible voters turned up—and the results were about the same as they were in 2019.

In episode 13 of Life Unmasked, host Ashley Legassic speaks with political commentator Amanda Galbraith, as well as CTV Political Analyst and Former NDP Leader Tom Mulcair about how the pandemic influenced the election results and what happens next. How big of a part did COVID-19 vaccine policy play? Was it the right thing to call an election during a pandemic? What does each party have to do to regain the trust of Canadians?

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