Hundreds of environmental activists gathered in Toronto Saturday afternoon to voice their concerns over Canada's lack of action over climate change.

The rally was one of dozens being held around the country and one of 70 taking place around the world to coincide with the 13th International Conference on Climate Change in Bali, Indonesia.

Activists were concerned with what they called a "weak wish-list" from the Canadian government. The wish list was submitted for the international climate treaty that will succeed the Kyoto Protocol.

"If you want our government to show leadership on climate change, now is the time to make our voices heard" Jen Hassum, the Ontario chair of the Canadian Federation of Students, said in a news release.

"Canadians need to tell (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper 'not good enough.' No longer should Canada be one of the world's worst global warmers."

The event was organized by the Toronto Climate Campaign and was meant to be a family-friendly rally complete with a music band and costumes to go along with the banners, placards and speeches.

At one point, the crowd literally gave Harper a wake-up call by shouting their disapproval over a phone call to the Prime Minister's Office. An event organizer called up the office on their cell phone and directed the crowd to shout out their demand that Harper reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recommit to the Kyoto Protocol.

The crowd gathered at Yonge and Dundas Square at noon. NDP leader Jack Layton was set to speak to the crowd, as well as Bruce Cox, executive director of Greenpeace and 12-year-old activist Misha Hamu.

The rally was set to cause some traffic disruptions. The crowd was expected to leave Dundas Square at about 1:15 p.m. and head north on Yonge Street towards Bloor Street. Then they were expected to travel west on Bloor towards University Avenue and then south on University towards Queen's Park.

More speakers are expected to address the crowd at Queen's Park to mark the end of the rally.