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A third of Ontarians approve of Doug Ford, poll finds

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s approval ratings have barely budged over the last three quarters, a new survey suggests.

According to an Angus Reid poll released on June 7, about 33 per cent of respondents approve of the premier.

This number has remained relatively unchanged since December 2022, when Ford’s approval rate dipped by seven percentage points, from 41 per cent to 34 per cent.

Ford’s approval rate sat at about 45 per cent when he was re-elected in June of last year.

Angus Reid says it appears that dissatisfaction with the Progressive Conservative government has “lingered” a year after re-election. Officials suggest legislation allowing private clinics to conduct more OHIP surgeries could have influenced the results.

“All this adds up to persistent low approval ratings for Ford,” the survey said. “One-third of Ontarians assess him positively.”

About 45 per cent of respondents said they strongly disapprove of the premier, the survey suggests, while another 19 per cent say they moderately disapprove.

Four per cent of respondents said they were unsure of whether they approve or disapprove of Ford.

Ford is among three Canadian premiers who have garnered an approval rating of less than 40 per cent. The other two include New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs and Manitoba’s Heather Stefanson. Top Stories


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