A drug dispensing kiosk billed as the first “self-serve pharmacy” launched in downtown Toronto on Tuesday.

At a kiosk near Church and Wellesley streets, customers are able to speak with a pharmacist using a video link. The item the customer is seeking is then dispensed through a small door when the order is complete.

Doug Cummings of Medavail Technologies says its new SpotRx drug dispensing machine will save consumers time and money.

“Pharmacies as we know it have operated the same way for the past 50 years. What we have done is brought kiosk technology along with a mobile app that allows you to pick up your prescription at the machine in as little as 30 seconds” said Cummings.

According to a news release issued Tuesday, the kiosk will provide easy access to over 600 prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

This is the eighth machine in the Greater Toronto Area, but the first that can be used by the general public to use located in a PenquinPickup .

The other machines are located in health clinics, college campus and other locations.

Egil Moller Nielson of Penquinpickup says the drug dispensing machine is a good fit for his company, which also allows people to pick-up items ordered online as well as groceries.

“It’s all about access. We want to bring different services and products, retailers and brands to local communities” said Nielsen.

Shahmir Khan was picking up an item he had ordered online and said that getting a prescription filled at a machine is something he would do.

“That's pretty awesome. It’s going to save a lot of time and it’s more convenience for us,” said Khan.

Medavail Technologies says the self-serve machine accepts all prescription insurance carriers and can process payments with debit or credit cards.

The kiosk accepts electronic and handwritten prescriptions and has a dispensing fee of $8, which is cheaper than most drug stores.

The company plans to roll out another seven of the SpotRx self-serve pharmacies in the GTA before the end of the year.