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6 charged during Toronto Walk with Israel event


Toronto police have released details about the arrest of six people during a large pro-Israel march over the weekend in North York.

The 55th Walk with Israel took place along Bathurst Street near Sheppard Avenue on Sunday afternoon alongside a significant police presence.

The individuals taken into custody are facing a number of charges in connection with separate incidents that allegedly transpired during the event, including one case where “antisemetic messaging calling for violence” was allegedly displayed.

Police say that the arrests all took place in the vicinity of Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue in North York on Sunday afternoon.

One of the individuals - a 27-year-old man - was apprehended after they allegedly threw an Israeli flag on the ground and stomped on it while another - a 22-year-old man - was taken into custody after they “attempted to steal an Israeli flag from an event participant,” police say.

A 75-year-old Toronto man was also charged with assault after he “intentionally bumped” into a woman who was wearing a keffiyeh, police allege.

“The victim was walking westbound wearing a keffiyeh and holding her child. The accused intentionally bumped into the victim causing her to stumble,” a news release notes.

The United Jewish Appeal has previously said that approximately 50,000 people attended the event, though police have not provided an estimate of their own.

For a full list of charges and allegations follow this link. Top Stories

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