Pierre-James Murphy stood across from his apartment in Yorkville, staring at the crowd that had gathered near the Hazelton Hotel.

Murphy heard that Kawhi Leonard may be meeting with the Raptors inside and decided to go upstairs to his 22nd floor apartment. When he got inside, he looked down and saw a very tall man standing on a balcony five floors above street level.

"I think it was him but I can't say that for sure," he said. "He was looking down at everybody, and not one person was looking up."

Murphy decided to grab his cell phone camera and record what was happening.

Since NBA free agency began on July 1, there has been much speculation surrounding Leonard. As the most coveted free agent, he is said to be choosing between the Los Angeles Lakers, the LA Clippers, and the Toronto Raptors.

Before a plane landed at Pearson International Airport this afternoon, there had been little news from Leonard or the Raptors. And there is still no confirmation about who was even on the plane.

In the balcony video, Murphy says: "Look, that's Kawhi right there. He's in the grey shirt. There's a balcony in the hotel and he's looking down."

There is no way to be sure who the person in the video is. Like much of the day Wednesday, it is shrouded in mystery.