York region police say they have busted a sophisticated ecstasy drug lab that was capable of pumping out 10,000 pills an hour.

Officers executed the search warrant at an industrial building at 151 Bentley St., near Warden Avenue and Highway 7, in Markham.

Police discovered four pill presses, ecstasy powder and liquid chemicals. Hazardous materials teams were called in because of the dangerous substances found.

The operation was a "ticking time bomb," said drug squad Det. Dieter Boeheim.

"It's a public safety factor. These places contain volatile material chemicals. All sorts of things can go wrong -- fire, explosions," Boeheim said.

Police said they were alerted to the multimillion-dollar drug lab after the owner of the building went inside to evict the unit's tenant, who hadn't paid the rent in months.

Residents who worked in the area said they were stunned to learn of the bust.

"It's a little bit scary because you never know with someone like that, there could be guns and violence and stuff," said one woman.

"It's shocking, to say the least," said one man.

No arrests were made in Tuesday's bust. Police said the operation could have ties to an international drug cartel in Asia.

York police have now dismantled six drug labs this year. The force has also busted 105 marijuana grow-ops in 2007.

With a report from CTV's Jim Junkin