Police say they have dealt a severe blow to a Toronto gang and prevented a large shipment of drugs and firearms from hitting the streets.

Officers conducted sweeping raids throughout the city on Wednesday night, arresting nine alleged members and associates of the Latino Americanos (LA Boys) gang.

Police seized six firearms and about 10 kilograms of powdered cocaine. The drugs have an estimated street value of about $10 million.

"It's an investigation that certainly is above the street level, but it does have ramifications at every level of the drug-dealing hierarchy," Det. Sgt. Doug Quan said at a press conference.

"We feel that it's a significant seizure and certainly addresses some public safety issues."

Police also seized:

  • More than 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Ecstasy and marijuana
  • More than $130,000 in cash.

Among those arrested is 26-year-old Alejandro Vivar, who was acquitted of murder three years ago.

Vivar stood trial for first-degree murder in the 2002 gang slaying of Gary Malo, the former ringleader of the Christie Boys who was fatally shot in a west-end bar.

Vivar is facing 34 drugs and firearms offences. The other accused are:

  • Manuel Perera, 25, of Toronto
  • Ken Yu, 25, of Toronto
  • Carlos Minero, 28, of Toronto
  • Karina Guajala, 25, of Toronto
  • Daniel Tran, 29, of Toronto
  • Wayne Sicard, 41, of Brockville
  • Michael Dibble, 25, of Brockville
  • Rina Okimawinew, 26, of Toronto

All nine were scheduled to appear at the Old City Hall courts on Friday.

Police labelled the massive operation by the force's gangs and guns unit "Project Cheddar."

With a report from CTV's Jim Junkin