Customers grabbing a coffee, tea or hot chocolate at Tim Hortons will notice a new design on the cups.

Starting Friday, all hot beverage cups at Tim Hortons, in all sizes, will feature Pickering music superstar Shawn Mendes in an effort to promote his sold-out show at Rogers Centre on Sept. 6.

“We will have Shawn Mendes cups across the entire country,” a spokesperson for Tim Hortons told CTV News Toronto today. 

Mendes mugs
Tim Hortons has released a photo showing what the cups will look like. (Supplied)

“Any hot beverage will come in the Shawn Mendes cups until we run out of supply.”

In addition, Tim Hortons will sell reusable ceramic tumblers that feature Mendes at 300 Greater Toronto Area locations.

Tim Hortons also released a one-minute video as part of the partnership, titled Home Is Where the Heart Is, featuring the 21-year-old. 

It includes a flashback depicting the singer ordering a hot chocolate as a child.

Shawn Mendes appears in Tim Horton's latest ad. (Supplied)

“I’m so excited to launch this incredible campaign with Tim Hortons in celebration of my homecoming Toronto show,” Mendes said in a statement.

“Tims has been a part of my life since before I can remember and I'm so proud to share my love for this Canadian tradition.”

Tim Hortons said this is the first time they have altered their cups to include a picture of a singer. 

BNN Bloomberg’s Amber Kanwar said that including Mendes on the cups is an interesting move for the giant coffee chain. 

“It comes at a time when Tim Hortons, which is part of a company that owns Burger King and Popeyes, has been underperforming,” Kanwar said.

“So here you have a company that instead of doubling down on the market share is trying to be a little more edgy.”

“They’ve gone into the plant-based meat craze and now this is kind of an extension of that.”

“(They’re) trying to reach new people in the hopes of no longer underperforming. It’s yet to be determined whether his star power can translate into corporate power.”

The Mendes cups will be in circulation until Sept. 6.