Before dawn, thousands of Toronto Raptors fans had flooded downtown Toronto to cheer on their new NBA champions.

“We’re gonna make the day. The Raptors made the year, now we’re gonna make the day,” said Raptors fan Justin Terry.

Terry arrived on Queen Street before 8 a.m., four hours before the team was set to arrive for the post-parade rally.

“It’s unbelievable. Last year, I never thought we’d be here and they’ve proven that we are the best and we’re so excited,” he said.

Nathan Phillips Square was nearly full by 9 a.m. Many of the people in the crowd had never been to a parade in the city.

“I’ve never even been to a Santa Claus parade but here I am at the Raptors parade,” said Janice Steven.

Other fans had planned for the moment and refused to let it pass them by.

“I said before game one that when the Raptors win. I’m going to the parade and (my bosses) said alright that’s fine and here I am, so thanks again guys,” said Malek Terry.

Ethan Mitchell was caught on camera handing out chips and French onion dip to fans—a reference to Drake’s post-NBA championship comments to reporters.

“Drake gave his post-game interview where you know, he didn’t want any chips plain, he wanted them with the dip and he wanted the dips in the city. So, I brought some chips and dip to feed the people of Toronto.”