A video of a vehicle driving on the sidewalk in midtown Toronto highlights the growing traffic problems from construction in the area.

Michael Betel, who shot the video, said that it shows just one example of drivers breaking the rules near Old Forest Hill and Glenarden roads.

“It’s a very, very bad situation,” Betel said speaking to CTV News Toronto.

“People drive over the lawn, they drive on the sidewalks, and it just so happens that at this particular time, we had to wait an hour to get into our driveway.” 

Betel said that Metrolinx’s Crosstown LRT Eglinton Avenue construction is “100 per cent” to blame.

“We’ve lived in the area for 14 years this is the worst traffic we’ve ever seen. It’s horrific,” Betel said.

The video, which was posted to Twitter by neighbour Matthew Slutsky, has been viewed more than 21 thousand times, as of Friday evening. 

“Kids are going to get killed. This is so unsafe,” Slutsky wrote in the tweet posted Thursday morning.

“This is a very common occurrence in front of my house,” Slutsky continued, before calling out city councillor for the area Mike Colle and Metrolinx.

“I’ve been almost hit three time’s this year, while walking with my kids on the sidewalk. The last time last month we were missed by 6 inches,” Slutsky said in a separate tweet.

In a Twitter response to Slutsky, Metrolinx said that regardless of construction, “there is no excuse to be driving illegally like this.”

“Safety is our top priority and we work closely with our constructor and our partners to ensure traffic configurations during construction are safe for all, including our own crew,” the tweet continued.