A 19-year-old engineering student from Thornhill, Ont., has built a homemade rollercoaster in his backyard.

David Chesney, who attends Queen's University, started the project approximately four years ago with a few pieces of extra lumber and a dream to complete the ultimate DIY project.

"I had no physics knowledge (at the time), I had no experience using power tools," Chesney told CTVNews.ca Tuesday afternoon.

But despite the lack of experience, Chesney persevered, tinkering with his design during his summer breaks. He recently completed his rollercoaster approximately a month ago.

"Looking back, it’s kind of cool. I hope this project will inspire other young minds," said Chesney, who hopes to one day be able to design gravity-defying rides as his full-time job.

Christened the Minotaur, Chesney's rollercoaster is 3.65 metres at its highest point, has a track length of approximately 28 metres, and can travel approximately 20 km/hour.

He says while his rollercoaster may seem minuscule in comparison to some of the behemoth rides found at amusement parks, it can still be scary riding it.

"The location of the rollercoaster adds to the fear. You end up seeing the top of my roof."

Chesney says he is the only one who has ridden his rollercoaster so far. He says now that he's completed the Minotaur, it needs a permanent home.