The TTC is investigating an incident in which a young man apparently hopped on the back of a subway train and took a video of himself enjoying the ride as the train sped along its route.

The incident came to light through an Instagram video posted by 6ixbuzztv, an account that describes itself as a Toronto-focused hip hop and entertainment blog.

In the video, a young man screams “I’m on the back of a train – Woooo!” as its speeds through a tunnel. The video briefly shows the interior of what appears to be a TTC subway car. The video was posted Monday afternoon and had more than 40,000 views by around 6 p.m.

It’s not clear when or exactly where the incident took place. The 6ixbuzztv account credited the private Instagram account of a young man whose profile picture appears to be that of the person in the video.

However in a message to CP24, that individual said the incident “did not happen on the TTC,” though he refused to elaborate.

In a statement to CP24, the TTC said it is looking into the video to see if they can identify the rider.

“This is perhaps the most downright irresponsible and dangerous stunt we have seen on the TTC in quite some time,” TTC Spokesperson Stuart Green told CP24 in an email. “We cannot shake our heads at this enough.

“Not only was this person putting their own life at risk, this could have resulted in a dangerous situation for other customers, our staff or worse - not to mention the possible impacts on service.”

Green said the TTC is investigating the incident and that they could lay charges under TTC bylaw #1 that could result in a fine of anywhere between $235 to $425 if they determine that it did take place on TTC property.

“It probably goes without saying that there’s just no excuse for this kind of behaviour…ever,” Green added.