With just two weeks to Election Day, the three main contenders for mayor were out campaigning rather than slowing down for the Thanksgiving holiday.

John Tory, Olivia Chow, and Doug Ford started the day off at the Daily Bread Food Bank, where they helped to sort and pack donations.

Shortly after noon, John Tory picked up a high-profile endorsement from federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.

“Toronto needs John Tory. He has a track record of getting things done. He will be able to work well with all levels of government to produce results for Toronto,” Raitt, the Conservative MP from Halton, told reporters.

Tory has already garnered endorsements from several local Liberal and Conservative MPs, plus a number of MPPs and councillors.

Olivia Chow and Doug Ford were quick to criticize the endorsement.

“When she was CEO of (Toronto) Port Authority, (Raitt) slapped a lawsuit on local residents,” Chow told reporters. She also said the minister’s backing suggests Tory “doesn’t mind cutting off door-to-door delivery (of mail).” Raitt said earlier this year that she supported the decision to phase out home delivery, noting dropping mail volumes and Canada Post’s mandate to break even.

Ford countered Raitt’s endorsement by saying he has friends in higher places.

“I deal with the prime minister,” Ford said. “I won’t be going to Lisa Raitt for approval on funding of subways. I’ll talk to the prime minister directly.”

Chow also challenged Tory to release more financial details of his platform.

“I say to Mr. Tory, I have a plan, you have a wish list,” she told reporters. “It’s time for you to offer a fully-costed out platform. There’s only 14 more days. If you don’t… it’s nothing but empty promises.”

When asked by reporters about how she would pay for her transportation plan, Chow said the studies and engineering work she has planned for a downtown relief line would be partly paid for by a 1 per cent increase to the land transfer tax on sales of properties costing more than $2 million.

“After four years, we’ll have to look at property tax increases, but I can’t tell you how much.”

John Tory’s campaign said he has been talking about his plan for the past eight months and that all of the information is on his website.

The Toronto election takes place on Oct. 27. Advance voting begins Tuesday.

CTV Toronto is hosting the mayoral candidates for a debate on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 6:30 p.m. You can submit your questions for the candidates using the form on our Toronto Mayoral Race page.