TORONTO -- During the COVID-19 pandemic more people are staying at home and ordering in food, which has led to more hires for food delivery drivers.

Those working as food delivery drivers should ensure they are properly insured, but there may be some who cannot afford the commercial insurance required.

“This is already a job where you don't make that much money,” Augusto Vite Quiros, who used to work as a food delivery driver, said.

UberEats provides its drivers with commercial insurance, but other food delivery services don't.

According to Vite Quiros, many drivers find commercial insurance too expensive, so they don't get it.

“There are people driving around without the specified insurance to do work with their car and that is obviously going to continue,” he said.

Lawyer Rajiv Haté with Kotak Law said, “At a time like this, in the middle of a global pandemic, it's a concern because people are trying to earn some extra cash."

Haté said anyone working as a food delivery driver needs to be protected properly.

“You’re considered to be an independent contractor and you are responsible to make sure you have the proper insurance and licencing in place,” he said.

Personal auto insurance doesn't cover food delivery and claims to your insurance may be denied. There is also a risk of your policy being cancelled, you can be held personally liable for claims and insurance offered by delivery services may have limits.

Commercial policies can cost thousands of dollars a year. Haté said some companies can charge up to $10,000 annually for a commercial policy.

“You've really got to weigh if it's worth it to purchase a commercial policy. Are you going to end up earning more than that as a driver,” he said.

Haté added that anyone using their car to deliver food should contact their insurance company.