A new report released today by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation revealed that rent prices for public housing in Toronto have been out-of-line for years.

The TCHC says a series of math errors led to some of the tenants being charged either too much, or too little in rent payments. 

As part of an internal review process, the TCHC found a “small sample” of their occupants’ rent calculations from 2013 and 2014 were incorrect. 

In total, 49 tenants were affected by the error. There were 21 tenants overcharged for their monthly rent payments and 28 tenants were undercharged.

Occupants of TCHC units pay their monthly rent based on a system called “rent-geared-to-income.” The TCHC charges occupants around 30 per cent of a household’s gross income. 

The TCHC says it found some “mathematical errors” in the way some occupants’ income was processed.

About 28 tenants were undercharged a median of $87 per month and 21 tenants were overcharged a medium of $22 per month. 

The TCHC says it is now reviewing all 45,000 files to ensure they are accurate and has added staff to oversee that review.

The interim CEO of the TCHC, Greg Spearn, has apologized to the tenants who have been affected.

Spearn says that they will not ask for anyone undercharged to pay back the extra funds but will be issuing a refund to those overcharged.

With files from CTV's Natalie Johnson