After three years of work, the TTC will open its second Union Station subway platform Monday.

And though the station is still full of fluorescent yellow and orange construction colours this weekend, the new platform – which will separate Yonge line passengers from University line passengers – will be up in time for the busy Monday commute.

Take a tour of the new platform to get a sense of what your morning trek to work will look like next week.

Workers still working away

TTC Union platform tour 01

TTC Union platform tour 02

TTC Union platform tour 03

Workers are still on site putting the finishing touches on the station before Monday.

The new south side entrance

TTC Union platform tour 04

TTC Union platform tour 05

TTC project manager Malcolm MacKay shows off the new paid entry machines at the south side station entrance.

TTC Union platform tour 06

The new machines will have Presto card readers.

TTC Union platform tour 07

Automatic fare gates will be ready to use for Monday.

Down to the new platform

TTC Union platform tour 08

Fresh tiles on the stairs leading down to the platform still protected by wooden planks until Monday. Five new sets of stairs will lead down to the platform.

TTC Union platform tour 09

TTC Union platform tour 10

The new platform will separate those headed towards Finch on the Yonge line from those heading toward Downsview on the University line. A second platform will ease the crowding, effectively doubling the space available to commuters.

TTC Union platform tour 11

The original Union platform – the narrowest in the system – will now only hold those travelling on the University line. The gates in the centre will stay up to keep passengers from thinking they can enter the Yonge trains.

The TTC says officers will be on hand to help direct passengers for the next couple of weeks as they adjust to the changes.

And don’t expect construction clutter to disappear as the new platform opens -- the next step in the project is rehabilitating the old centre platform.