Its official – Seth Rogen is the new voice of the TTC.

Rumours started swirling about the Canadian comedy star yesterday after he posed for a picture with TTC spokesperson Brad Ross while donning a ‘Bloor-Yonge’ baseball cap.

Brad Ross has since confirmed the speculation on Twitter, telling customers that they can expect the new service announcements to be in rotation starting today.

Of the dozen 20-second public service announcements, Rogen’s raspy voice will remind customers to take off their backpacks on crowded trains and to keep their feet off the seats.

“Ever heard the dude on the train be like, ‘Move into the car!’ You know why he’s saying that? Because blocking the doors is rude,” Rogen says in one message. “I don’t mean to judge, but I will – I judge you, you are being rude. Please move inside the train, as far as humanly possible. Thank you.”

In a news release, Rogen, an admitted public transit user, said he was “enthusiastic” to record the messages for the TTC after the idea was proposed to him on Twitter by Toronto Coun. Norm Kelly.

"I'm very proud to be Canadian and I wouldn't be who I am if was not for Canada. If asked to participate in something Canadian, I'm eager to do that," he said.

In a FaceTime interview with CTV News Toronto, Rogen said he has a strong familial connection with the city.

“I think Toronto is a wonderful city. I have a lot of cousins there, family there. My sister went to university there. And so, I grew up going there my whole life.”

He said that he knows people who are using the TTC are often trying to get to and from work and he hopes to brighten their day.

“I know people are going to work. They are tired. They are coming home at the end of a long day and anything to make that experience in any way more entertaining or uplifting is something I am more than happy to give away my time (for), which is not that precious in the first place.”

Ross said that Rogen offered to record the public service announcements for free, so the cost of travel and recording time only amounted to about $2,300.

Kelly proposed the idea to Rogen back in May after Metro Vancouver’s TransLink launched its own PSA campaign using the ‘Superbad’ star’s voice.

Vancouver’s TransLink turned to Rogen after removing Morgan Freeman from the job following allegations of harassment against Freeman.

You can listen to all of Rogen’s announcement clips here.