TORONTO -- Many people have not been driving their vehicles as much during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they still require maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Some drivers who want to avoid waiting rooms at dealerships and repair shops now have a new option for some services - mobile mechanics.

“Driving to body shops during this time of COVID is not really something we want to be doing," said Jeff Bernstein of Toronto who decided to use a mobile service to change the oil in his van and swap his winter tires for summer ones.

Bernstein has used before the pandemic, but now he said it just makes that much more sense to have the services of mobile mechanics who can install a windshield or check your brakes without you having to leave home.

The founder of the company, Robert Ostfield, said Getweel uses a network of brick and mortar repair shops, as well as mobile mechanic services and all the work that is done is warranty approved. 

“This was a popular idea before, but certainly with COVID we've seen a rise in demand because people do not want to leave their house, but they still have automotive needs," said Ostfield. 

Users make an appointment through the website by putting in the year, make and model of your vehicle and then click on the kind of services required. 

You're given the pricing in advance. 

For example, an oil change for a 2015 GMG Terrain is $134 and a tire swap for tires on rims for a 2017 Honda Civic is $120.

“Think of oil changes, tire swaps, brakes, diagnosis fluid changes. All those things your car regularly needs we can actually do at your home," said Ostfield. 

For more complex repairs that require a shop, the company can arrange to have the vehicle picked up, taken in for the work to be done and then returned to your driveway.

“We make sure the right repair is done to your vehicle and a fair price is charged and the right person is working on your vehicle," said Ostfield. 

While the service had seen a dramatic boost over the past year, even when the pandemic is over the company feels there will remain a section of the market that will want mechanics who make house calls.

The service is available in the Greater Toronto Area, however other mobile mechanic services are also springing up in major cities across Canada.