TORONTO -- A Greater Toronto Area based volunteer group called “Conquer COVID-19” is helping fill a void on urgently needed medical supplies at hospital and clinics.

Dr. Kashif Prizada, an emergency room doctor in Toronto and member of Conquer COVID-19, told CTV News Toronto Sunday that he’s seeing more coronavirus patients every day. He said that more of the patients are on ventilators and medical staff need more equipment.

For example, Prizada said that instead of changing a mask after each patient, staff are asked to use about two a day.

“I have to be frank. I’m very afraid,” he said.

“We find that we are being rationed in terms of the masks and the gowns and we feel now that the infections are almost everywhere health workers are being exposed,” he added.

Conquer COVID-19 said it’s already coordinating the supply of ventilators, masks, gloves and baby monitors, which may conserve the need for personal protective equipment like gowns.

“We want to make sure the patients are being seen and taken care of appropriately so baby monitors would allow physicians and nurses to communicate with patients in isolation while maintaining their own health,” said Yusuf Ahmed, a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto and working with Conquer COVID-19.

So far the work has led to the donation of dozens of baby monitors from Toys R Us and Babies R Us Canada.

A spokesperson for the company said its providing between five and 10 baby monitors to 13 hospitals across Canada.

“We strive to partner with parents to help kids achieve their potential; we must work together and rely on each other to achieve a common goal, help children grow into good, young adults,” said Sean Williams, vice-president of merchandising in a statement.

Meanwhile Ontario’s Health Minister and the Ontario Hospital Association said Sunday the is securing more personal protective equipment despite a strain on global supply.

“As this work continues, we must very carefully manage the supply of personal protective equipment, including masks, that we do have until new supplies arrive,” the statement said.

Conquer COVID-19 said medical facilities needing supplies or companies willing to donate equipment can coordinate by going to its website.

”We are happy to fight. This is our duty to take care of patient, but we want to face this danger with the best equipment possible,” Prizada said.