Toronto will soon become the home of North America’s first “fully digital” medical facility with the opening of the new Humber River Hospital next month.

Reuben Devlin, the president and CEO of Humber River Regional, described the new hospital as “lean, green, and digital.”

The facility, he said, will focus on “using the latest technology” to make treatment for efficient and effective.

The hospital features everything from automated kiosks where patients can enter their information to robotic arms that administer medication.

The facility also uses a digital management system that counts, organizes, and checks the expiration dates of all the drugs at the hospital to make sure patients aren’t getting the wrong treatment.

Humber River Hospital

The digitization is also aimed at making patients more comfortable during their time at the hospital.

Each of the hospital’s 650 beds are supplied with touchpads from which patients can access their medical chart, adjust the room, temperate, and even make phone calls.

Robots also deliver supplies like linens and food to patients’ beds.

“We’re a community hospital,” Devlin said. “We want to provide a warm environment and a place where (patients) can feel comfortable coming at a stressful time.”

Humber River to before first digital hospital

The 30-acre facility located at Keele Street and Highway 401, will replace the old Church Street and Keele Street campuses.

Construction of the new facility started in 2011. The hospital is set to officially open its doors on Oct.18.