TORONTO - Students in Ontario's public elementary schools won't get their extracurricular activities back any time soon.

The union representing public elementary school teachers won't ask its members to resume the voluntary activities, like sports teams and clubs.

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario says it will take "real actions" for the government to regain the confidence of teachers.

ETFO is going in the opposite direction from the union representing public high school teachers, which urged its members last week to return to voluntary activities.

But the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation says the majority of teachers don't want to go back because they're still too angry with the government for imposing contracts.

The Liberals used controversial legislation to foist the contracts on teachers in January, which cut benefits and froze the wages of most instructors.

The two unions had urged their members to stop all voluntary activities in their labour battle with the government, which resulted in rotating one-day strikes last December.