TORONTO -- Pool stores say they are seeing a massive increase in sales as more families stay close to home during the pandemic.

Harry Martyniuk, with Pioneer Family Pools, which has locations across Ontario says sales are up by 50 per cent this year.

“We were very busy when they locked down for COVID-19, but as soon as the weather turned that put us over the top. We had 1,500 leads yesterday, 1,000 the day before and another 1,000 the day before that," Martyniuk told CTV News Toronto.

Betz Pools in Stouffville says it has also seen a major increase in potential customers. 

“With COVID-19, it has really escalated the number of calls we’re getting. We have had about six times more than this period last year,” Frank Blanchet, with Betz Pools, said.

It’s not just pool stores that have seen a boost in sales, they are also selling out online. 

Many popular models being sold through Costco, Canadian Tire and Walmart are out of stock. Whether it's a large backyard model you assemble yourself or an inflatable kiddie pool they're all in high demand.

Municipal pools remain closed under current emergency orders and that order was recently extended to June 9. It still remains unclear when pools will reopen. 

“I can only assure you when it comes to reopening the city of Toronto we are working with the province hand in glove,” Mayor John Tory said Wednesday. 

With public pools closed and the weather getting hotter, the surge in pool sales is bound to continue. Those in the business say if you're really serious about getting a pool for this summer you have to act fast.

“I think the reality is if you are looking for a pool this year you had better lock it in quick because supply is dwindling" Martyniuk said.

Pool stores also say the sale of hot tubs has also increased as people plan to stay closer to home this summer.