The parents of baby Kaylee Vitelli say they want her moved out of Toronto's world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children.

"We do not want our child in the Hospital for Sick Children," father Jason Wallace told a Friday news conference, his partner Crystal Vitelli standing by him. "We do not care what anybody thinks about that statement.

"At the end of the day, we're just frustrated now. We don't trust them anymore. We don't trust what they're doing in any stage whatsoever, and we want our daughter moved."

The Bradford, Ont. couple made national headlines -- and triggered a debate about the ethics of organ donations -- three weeks ago when they made public their desire that Kaylee's heart be transplanted into another ill baby.

Kaylee has a rare brain condition known as Joubert Syndrome. It causes a condition known as sleep apnea where she stops breathing when she sleeps.

However, when taken off life support, Kaylee continued to breathe on her own. Doctors deemed her to no longer be a transplant candidate, but the infant remained at the hospital.

Since then, Wallace has made headlines by complaining about the care given to Kaylee.

He then had to deal with revelations about his criminal past and that he will be facing trial on assault and robbery charges this fall.

On Wednesday, the hospital had Jason Wallace escorted from its premises following a meeting with hospital management. Wallace then continued on to a nearby police station to file a complaint.

Vitelli told reporters Friday she has felt emotionally assaulted by hospital staff. She claims to have never received answers about bruises and marks allegedly left on Kaylee's body.

"It's just been one thing after another," she said. "We've made our complaints to who we needed to at the hospital -- they haven't dealt with them."

"We are the parents," Wallace said. "We have rights, and we do not have rights -- that's clearly what's being shown in this situation."

With files from The Canadian Press