The parents of baby Kaylee Wallace say they have made peace with hospital staff and are now focusing on their ill daughter's treatment.

The couple, who live in Bradford, Ont., have been at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children for weeks, speaking openly to the media about their desire to have Kaylee's heart transplanted into another sick baby at the hospital.

Jason Wallace, Kaylee's father, told reporters Sunday he and his wife felt pressured to make decisions that may not have been in their daughter's best interest.

He said they believed Kaylee's fate was sealed but now they're not so sure that's the case.

Kaylee has Joubert syndrome, which is a rare brain condition that makes it difficult for a person to breath. Doctors believed that Kaylee would not be able to live through the night without the help of a respirator.

Believing their daughter would die, Kaylee's parents opted to take her off life support so that another sick baby could have her heart. However, Kaylee never died and has been mostly breathing on her own ever since.

She is currently listed in stable condition and has been taken off the transplant donor list.

"She proved everyone wrong," he said.

Last week Wallace complained that he was told by hospital staff that resources would be better spent on other children who had a fighting chance to live.

On Sunday, Wallace told reporters that staff had apologized to him and assured him Kaylee would be treated like any other child in their care.

He said he has accepted their apology and called the hospital "the best in the world." He also acknowledged that doctors who are treating Kaylee are dealing with a rare disease that is difficult to treat and diagnose.

"Maybe Joubert is such a confusing syndrome that it even confused them, the best in the world," he said.