A satellite image of the Newmarket Health Centre is being shared across the Internet due to its uncanny resemblance to a naked man.

From the air, the health centre located at 465 Eagle St., west of Yonge Street, appears to be shaped like a spread-eagled man, complete with male genitals.

The building was constructed in 1951, and serves as a home to patients, seniors and veterans in need of long- and short-term care. The building has 132 long-term care beds and a 24 hour nursing staff.

The building is made up of four wings, which extend from a central section. The western wings give the appearance of arms, while the wings in the east look like legs, complete with knees and feet.

There is also a small, square shaped section at the top of the "torso" that looks like a head, and a rectangular section that juts out between the "legs."

U.K. news outlets picked up on the joke, and the building's unique shape has been featured in several headlines.

"Has an architect pulled the ultimate prank?" the Mirror titled its article. 

"Is that the STD clinic?" the Daily Mail joked.

"Health centre looks like a spread-eagled NAKED MAN when viewed on Google Earth," the Express wrote. 

"No this isn't the start of a bad joke but a real medical centre in Canada," the article says.

The health centre has been the butt of several jokes on social media in response to the U.K. coverage.

"I applaud the architect who built Newmarket's Health Centre with a phallic entrance. Betcha he's been laughing since 1951. #Canadianhumour," a person identified as Voxtar wrote on Twitter. 

"Newmarket Health Centre is anatomically correct," Guy Next Door tweeted.

"Home town pride. Dad called to tell me Newmarket's famous b/c the health centre looks like this from the air…" Kerrie wrote. 

"#Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario looks like a #Transformer! - I wonder where the vasectomy department is?" a person called Orangeville Chiver joked. 

"Newmarket Health Centre in Canada. All those planning meetings, how did the architect keep a straight face??" Chris Pennell wondered.