Toronto city councillor Doug Ford announced Thursday he will not run in the next provincial election, saying he needs to support his brother, Rob Ford, in his mayoral re-election campaign.

“I have, obviously, political aspirations provincially, but the timing right now doesn’t work,” Doug Ford told City Hall reporters.

Doug Ford is councillor for Ward 2 Etobicoke North -- the mayor’s former ward. Prior to the mayoral scandal, he had expressed interest in running for a seat with the provincial Progressive Conservatives in Queen’s Park.

But Doug Ford says his decision to stay out of the next Ontario election has nothing to do with the recent scandal surrounding his brother. 

“I would love to jump in this election, but you got to set your priorities straight, and my priority is with my brother and the people of Etobicoke North and the city of Toronto,” he said.

“I’d be letting my brother down, I’d be letting our whole team down, and I can’t wear two hats being a candidate for the PC party and being a campaign manager,” he said.

Doug Ford said he spoke to Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak on the phone on Wednesday, and both agreed that staying out of the provincial elections would be best.

“I think Tim Hudak would be a great premier and he understands the situation, that again, I can’t wear two hats as much as I’d love to,” he said.

Ford said he will “eventually” run for Ontario's Progressive Conservatives, but “you have to put other things ahead of your own political aspirations sometimes.”

Mayor Rob Ford then stepped up to thank his brother.

“I support Doug’s decision 100 per cent, I want to thank Doug for his loyalty to me and running my campaign,” the mayor said. “I can’t wait obviously to get into the debates and win the mayor’s race on Oct. 27, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to get re-elected.”

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Natalie Johnson