NEWMARKET, Ont. - Two American men face charges after York Region police spotted a pair of street racers in black Corvettes speeding at more than 200 kilometres an hour.

Investigators say the two drivers, seen racing along Highway 400, were in "obvious competition with one another.''

An officer spotted the speeding Corvettes around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and contacted headquarters.

Police eventually caught up to the vehicles and arrested both drivers.

The arrests came the same day Attorney General Michael Bryant vowed to get tough on street racers, saying that police wouldn't hesitate to seize and destroy cars that have been "tuned up'' for racing.

William Casey, 22, of Wilmington, Del., and Brandon Edmundson, 23, of Peoria, Ariz., are charged with racing on a highway and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and had a court appearance Thursday.