York Regional Police said that 21 people were charged with impaired-related driving offences over the past week, including a driver who allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel at a gas station in Markham.

Officers were called to a gas station near 16th Avenue and Markham Road around 10 p.m. on March 26 for reports of a minor collision in the parking lot.

“When officers arrived, they found one of the involved drivers asleep behind the wheel,” police said in a news release issued Tuesday. “Officers attempted to wake the driver, who smelled of alcohol.”

In video footage of the incident, which was released by investigators, an officer is seen reaching into the vehicle through an open window on the driver’s side. After a few moments, the officer opens the door and appears to try and wake the driver.

At the end of the video, firefighters are seen beside the vehicle.

Police said that the driver was eventually woken up with the assistance of Markham Fire and York Paramedic Services. They were placed under arrest and charged with impaired driving, police said.

In the news release, police thanked members of the community for calling 911.

“We consider these incidents a life-threatening crime in progress and will continue to respond to these calls,” police said. “We are reminding drivers that York Regional Police conducts RIDE spot checks year round and that our officers are always watching for suspected impaired drivers. We also continue to encourage citizens to call 9-1-1 if you spot a suspected impaired driver.”

“We’re not giving up,” investigators said.

According to York Regional Police, more than 300 impaired-related charges have been laid in the region in 2019.