Canada's Wonderland gave 100 thrill-seekers their first ride on the Leviathan Friday, one of the tallest roller-coasters in the world.

Though the amusement park doesn't officially open until May, 100 people got to ride the roller-coaster in advance of opening Friday after they bid on the ride as part of an auction benefitting Sick Kids Hospital.

The coaster, which is new this year, left riders with pumping adrenaline and wide smiles.

"The manufacturer of the ride has never made a ride this high before. It's fast, it's smooth and it's got an incredible thrill," said Canada's Wonderland spokesperson Dineen Beaven.

The Leviathan is 20 meters taller than the next tallest roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland, with a maximum height of 93.3 metres and a top speed of 148 km/h on its first 80-degree drop.

The $28-million coaster has three 32-passenger trains and was made by Bolliger and Mabillard in Switzerland.

The entire ride takes just over three minutes.