Four days ago Edyta Tobiasz was trapped under an overturned tractor-trailer, sandwiched in the crushed wreckage of her silver Mazda SUV as firefighters, paramedics and police officers worked feverishly to free her.

Thursday, Tobiasz was walking and laughing in her Oakville home as she hosted some of the men and women from the Mississauga fire department and the OPP who helped rescue her.

It was an emotional reunion when Tobiasz met firefighter Angie Gauthier.

Gauthier was the firefighter who risked her own life so she could crawl under the tractor-trailer and hold Tobiasz's hand, comforting the woman as rescue workers used a heavy tow truck to lift up the overturned trailer and its 15,000-pound load, bit by bit, over approximately two hours.

"Any time we were doing something, I was trying to let you know what was going on, just to comfort you a little. You were so calm, it was amazing," said Gauthier, as she sat on the couch beside Tobiasz.

"I have shock," said Tobiasz, laughing and wiping a tear from her eye.

"It was your lucky day," Gauthier said.

"I'm so, so happy," Tobiasz said, as she, once again, held the hand of the woman who comforted her during her terrifying ordeal.

Tobiasz hugged the firefighters and police officers, thanking them for their work.

The firefighters and police officers were also grateful for the experience, saying they don't usually get to meet the people who they help in an emergency situation.

"We live in small house and there is not much we can give, but each and every person here, and that was there, will be in our hearts," said Tobiasz's husband, Roland Tobiasz, as he translated from his wife's Polish.

The trucker involved in the collision was not injured. He was charged with careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act, Ontario police said Wednesday.