The grieving widow of an Etobicoke man who fell to his death during a skydiving accident on Sunday is warning people about the risks of extreme sports.

Igor Zaitsev, 42, was an advanced parachute student who had already completed 12 skydives this season. He fell to his death during a 5,500 foot skydive in Georgina, Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m.

“Please don’t use extreme sports,” Zaitsev’s wife said. “It’s very dangerous and think about the people who are behind you -- kids, mothers, fathers, people who love you.”

Zaitsev left behind a three-year-old daughter, a 19-year-old son and wife Tatiana.

Zaitsev’s family members said he loved extreme sports. In addition to skydiving, he also skied in winter.

Dimitry Zaitsev, 19, says he’s not blaming anyone for his father’s death.

“He was a hard working guy. He loved to read, he loved learn new things,” Zaitsev said.

Adam Mabee, president of the Parachute School of Toronto, said that when he saw Zaitsev’s jump, his parachute was turning in a circle and the lines of the parachute were twisted.

“He didn’t have control of the parachute so getting back to the landing area here wasn’t really in the cards,” Mabee said.

Mabee said he had radio contact with Zaitsev right up to the very end and added that Zaitsev did not pack his own parachute.

According to the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association’s website, “every student shall receive a safety check by an instructor or coach prior to boarding the aircraft.”

Police are investigating to determine why he failed to make his landing properly and say it could be weeks before the investigation is concluded.

With report from Dana Levenson