As Rogers Wireless customers vented online about a Canada-wide service outage, many took out their frustrations on the wrong guy – a U.S. resident whose Twitter handle happens to be @rogers.

Glenn Rogers, an Australian who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., received a barrage of insults and expletives Wednesday night from Canadians affected by the massive outage that began at approximately 7 p.m.

“The wrath of a thousand Canadians is a mighty sight,” he tweeted.

“I think I might have known (about the outage) before Rogers did,” he told in a telephone interview Thursday.

Rogers’ phone buzzed for about two hours before the battery died. When he powered it up again, there were more angry tweets.

“It started with nasty messages for the first few hours and then people started figuring out what was going on here,” he said.

“I had just as much support from people who were happy to help redirect traffic (to the company).”

Rogers Communications restored its wireless voice and text messaging services late Wednesday. It said a software problem knocked out part of the wireless network.

The company’s CEO, Nadir Mohamed, has apologized for the “significant inconvenience.”

Glenn Rogers said Wednesday night wasn’t the first time he was inconvenienced by misdirected Twitter rage.

He said he’s been bombarded with tweets from Rogers customers before, but “never to this scale.

“The great thing with Twitter is you can ignore it,” he said. “It’s quite amusing for the most part. You become very thick-skinned.”

Rogers said he’s not planning to give up his Twitter handle, even though Rogers Communications approached him about it some years ago. At the time, he thought it was “quite an odd request.”

He said he hasn’t heard from the company since.

The official Rogers customer and technical support Twitter account is @RogersHelps.