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Over the past few months, the global COVID-19 pandemic has made its presence felt across Canada. From changes to the way we work, shop, and even learn, no one has been unaffected.

During these stressful times, many Canadians are looking for a way to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. Desjardins wanted to help find a way to bring Canadians together and lift each other up. Its ‘Send a Virtual Solo’ initiative aims to do just that. Concerts and festivals may feel like a distant memory, but while we can’t experience live music, Desjardins is bringing it into our living rooms to remind us that we’re stronger together.

Desjardins partnered with 40 Canadian musicians to bring the ‘Send a Virtual Solo’ initiative to life, which allows people to nominate someone special in their life -- a friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague -- to receive a virtual performance. Nominating someone is simple. Visit the Desjardins Group Facebook page to submit a nomination. If your nominee is chosen, they’ll get a dedicated song from one of the 40 musicians.

Regardless of your nominee’s favourite type of music, the ‘Send a Virtual Solo’ initiative has a musician for them. The musicians are from across Canada, representing a wide range of styles, genres and perspectives.

Canadians are resilient and our solidarity is one of the many qualities that make us unique. At a time like this, when people are feeling isolated and distant from their loved ones ‘Send a Virtual Solo’ hopes to bring some semblance of joy to Canadians. The program is one of Desjardins’ many initiatives that aim to provide additional support to our community and economy.

It may be hard to really feel like we’ll ever get back to normal -- and the reality is what we consider to be normal may be completely different from what it was before. But small gestures like sending a helpful solo can be the friendly reminder we need to stay connected with our communities.