With wintery weather in the forecast and a troubling commute anticipated for Thursday, many drivers in the Greater Toronto Area are wondering if it’s time to change their tires.

One Scarborough car maintenance technician told CTV News Toronto that it’s exactly the right time to switch over.

“Now is the time,” Christopher Maraj, a technician at Mr. Lube, said. “The first week of November is when we plan for.”

He said their shop in Scarborough has been very busy in recent days as people come in to prepare for winter.

He said it’s usually the time to consider making the tire switch when temperatures outside are consistently below 10 C.

“We’re first come first serve, but we’re booked today until about 6:30 p.m.,” Maraj said Wednesday.

While not required by law in Ontario, winter tires are designed to enhance your vehicle’s traction on slippery surfaces.

Environment Canada is forecasting periods of rain mixed with snow Wednesday evening, changing to snow overnight.

Periods of snow are also possible Thursday morning.