TORONTO -- On Wednesday, Toronto Maple Leafs’ fans will become the first to take part in a full-capacity NHL hockey game at Scotiabank Arena since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Leafs will open their 2021-2022 season by facing off against the Montreal Canadiens at the Scotiabank Arena at 7 p.m. The team hopes to make up for last year’s disappointing post-season in which they were eliminated in Game 7 in the first round after a 3-1 loss to the Habs.

But before you gear up and head downtown, there are a few COVID-19 protocols and added rules in place that you should know about to ensure safety at the arena.

Here is what you need to know before you head to the game:

Scotiabank Arena will be at full capacity Wednesday night, but all fans aged 12 and up attending the game must be fully vaccinated in order to enter the facility. Proof of vaccination as well as proof of identification will be required.

A negative COVID-19 test will not be accepted as a replacement to proof of vaccination.

Masks must be worn over both the nose and mouth at all times while in the arena, except when a patron is eating or drinking. A neck gaiter will not be allowed as a substitute for a three-ply mask.

Gates will open 90 minutes prior to the start of the game instead of the usual 60 minute time frame in order to allow fans to go through the new COVID-19 safety protocols.

Fans will be required to enter at a certain gate, which will be listed on their ticket above the barcode.

All tickets will be delivered digitally and will scanned prior to entry in order to maintain a contactless experience. For more on how to download your mobile ticket click here.

Fans are expected to self-screen for COVID-19 prior to coming to the game.

Attendees will not be allowed to bring bags with them. Exceptions will be made for “small purse type bags smaller than 16.5 centimeters by 11.5 centimeters” with or without a handle or strap.

Fans carrying bags will not be allowed to enter the arena.

Scotiabank Arena will be a cashless venue, in keeping with their contactless COVID-19 protocols. In order to purchase food, drinks or other memorabilia, fans will need to use a debit or credit card.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ next home game will be on Oct. 18 against the New York Rangers.