Every couple of seconds, a vibrant red poppy blooms in a virtual field of an interactive website, as words of hope, gratitude and pride flood in from across Canada.

Veterans Affairs Canada has set up a website, coinciding with Veteran's Week, to let individuals share their messages for veterans ahead of Remembrance Day.

The messages are meant to acknowledge the sacrifices and achievements of veterans, both past and present. Each new message prompts a poppy to appear.

Notes like "Thanks! Our thoughts and prayers are for your safety" from Catherine MacDougall of Prince Edward Island, and, "Dear past and present veterans, thank you for all you have done for this country" from Dean Martin, pop up on the site.

The poppies and messages will also be displayed on Wednesday night as each note is projected onto a wall at the Holt-Renfrew building at 50 Bloor St. W from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Veteran's Week, which runs from Nov. 5 to 11, is a time when many Canadians commemorate the service and sacrifices made by vets and the website is one more tool for individuals to express their gratitude.

Like Danny Tonner from Quebec and Janet Stephens from Ontario, who both thanked their fathers for their service on the website, and Harsh Soni from Manitoba, who thanked all soldiers for the sacrifices they made in the name of freedom.

Individuals can share messages of peace and hope for Canadian veterans and see poppies bloom in the virtual remembrance field at www.poppiesfield.ca.

Canadians can also share by texting the word "remember" followed by a message to 777888.