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Video shows violent on-ice brawl between 2 recreational hockey teams in Toronto

Video has surfaced showing a brawl between two men's recreational hockey teams that erupted on the ice in Toronto earlier this week, with players not only exchanging blows, but slashes with their sticks.

The fight hit the ice during an Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) game on Monday, Sept. 11, at Canlan Sports York, located south of Steeles Avenue. The ASHL has more than 65,000 players, from beginner to pro, participating across the country and in the United States.

In the video footage obtained by CTV News, which was streamed on the online broadcasting site LiveBarn, players from both teams can be seen shoving, grabbing, and punching one another, with some using their hockey sticks to strike. The footage has been removed from the platform.

Bruce Tennant, a hockey referee, told CTV News’ Adrian Ghobrial the two teams are “known as problem players” in the league.

“In 45-plus years of refereeing, I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Tennant, who wasn't one of the referees on the ice for the game.

The CEO and President of Canlan Sports, which owns ASHL, told CTV News Friday the incident is “very disappointing” and “completely unacceptable.”

“We’re grateful that nobody was seriously injured that was involved in the incident or near the incident, this was an exceptional, violent incident that we took it very seriously and complete a thorough investigation,” Joey St-Aubin said in an interview.

St-Aubin said this league plays over 36,000 games per year, with more games in a single week than the NHL plays throughout an entire season.

While St-Aubin and the league acknowledge total prevention of incidents like this is impossible with the number of games played, St-Aubin said this was “an exceptional circumstance” that was dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

“As a result, the two teams have been indefinitely suspended, multiple players have been permanently expelled and additional participants will receive disciplinary action,” St-Aubin said.

In a statement following the incident, the ASHL said the additional participants from both teams will need to comply with many conditions before coming back to any of their leagues, tournaments or sanction programs.

“The conduct from participants on both teams in no way aligns with the core values of Canlan Sports and the ASHL, the rules of the game, or the expectation of mutual respect between players that is the cornerstone of a safe and fun recreational hockey experience,” the league wrote.

Police were not called to the arena that evening, but Toronto police told CTV News that if an investigation is opened with them, assault with a weapon charges could be laid. Top Stories

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