TORONTO -- A Toronto apartment resident is warning others after he caught a building maintenance staff member taking pictures of personal information inside his unit.

Michael Tanton said he contacted the building management company last weekend after his heating unit began malfunctioning.

“I expected people to be in my unit at some point,” Tanton told CTV News Toronto. “I wasn’t surprised when I received an alert that my camera had detected motion.”

Tanton has a motion-activated camera inside his apartment near the Junction Triangle and said that he was deleting footage to free up space on the device when he noticed something strange.

“Everything was fine until I went to delete the footage and I just happened to notice that the staff member was taking photos of my bulletin board,” Tanton said.

In the video provided to CTV News Toronto, one of two employees of the building management company appears to take two photos.

Tanton said that sensitive information was written on the bulletin board including his Wi-Fi password as well as his storage locker access code and a personal to-do list.

“There is absolutely no reason for this employee to be taking photos in my apartment, especially if it is of personal documents and information,” Tanton said. “I’m still confused as to why he would do that, from a practical perspective.”

Tanton said he reached out to the building management company on Monday regarding the incident, but has yet to hear back.

Tanton works as an editor in the film and television industry and said he has sensitive, privileged information in his possession including unreleased scripts and story boards. He worries what else the employee may have taken pictures of outside of the view of his single surveillance camera.

“There is a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own home, you shouldn’t have to lock everything up,” Tanton said. 

Tanton said he wants to make other apartment tenants aware of the issue in hopes of preventing similar invasions of privacy.

“We live in a city dealing with constant landlord-tenant disputes, and this is a serious issue that tenants and landlords alike should be vigilant about.”

CTV News Toronto has reached out to building management company regarding the incident, but did not hear back in time for publication.