Student athletes from a Vaughan, Ont. private school are boasting of a new Guinness World Record today, for the longest lacrosse game ever played.

Lacrosse players from the Hill Academy started the game at 11 p.m. on Thursday night, and finished the game Saturday at midnight, for a record-breaking 25 hours of play. The previous record for the longest lacrosse game played was 24 hours, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

After the game was over, the school tweeted of its accomplishment:

Dan Noble, the school's director of physical education and athlete performance, said the students -- who played in four-hour shifts -- hit "a wall" a number of times throughout the game, but after some encouragement from parents and friends, they wound up “flying high.”

"I think definitely at the 18th hour, everyone was like 'Holy crap, this is hard,'" Noble told Saturday morning. "I remember waking up one of the kids and it was like waking up a zombie."

The student athletes participated in the game to raise funds for a school trip to Nicaragua in April. The students will be travelling to Nicaragua to build schools in rural communities, as well as touring the region's volcanoes.

The goal was for the students to raise $40,000 through donations and sponsorships. Noble said they have raised close to $20,000 and some donations are still coming in.

"This will make the trip that much more worthwhile," Noble said.

He said the students will regroup on Monday to celebrate their success and to discuss how to raise more money for their trip.

The game was held at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, located at 6 Invicta Dr.