A Vaughan homeowner said she was shocked to get a two-year-old bill from a collection agency for a window cleaning service she says was never performed.

Two years ago, Grace You said that a pair of high school students came to her door and offered to clean her windows for $150.

While You said that she doesn’t usually agree to a door-to-door sales pitches, she wanted to help the students out.

“Normally we say no because we don't really trust (door-to-door sales), but they were teenage boys and we have teenage boys.”

The students took her name and address, but she claims they never came back.

“The whole summer they didn't come. Even my husband and I felt sorry for the two boys,” You said.

That’s why she was shocked to get a bill from collection agency saying she owes the company 150 dollars.

The bill said that "all reasonable efforts to resolve your seriously delinquent account have been exhausted. This is our final notification in attempt to clear this balance."

You said she called the agency and said her windows were never washed, but was told “it’s only $150, just pay now.”

CTV News Toronto contacted the company and a spokesperson said it was a small student start up that operates only during summer months.

"We have advised her of our deep regret for any inconvenience caused by the collections process," a spokesperson for the company said. "Although we did and still do believe that her windows were cleaned, we have decided to absolve her of the debt immediately."

You said she is thankful she doesn’t have to pay for a service that wasn’t rendered.