Uber Canada’s general manager says that Uber fares in Toronto will not increase regardless of newly decided regulations by city council.

“We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to our continued growth in Toronto,” Uber Canada’s general manager Ian Black said in a statement sent out to customers on Wednesday.

“Everything you know and love about Uber, including prices, will stay the same.”

On Tuesday, city council voted in favour of new regulations that ultimately legalized the ridesharing service in Toronto. Council went on to stipulate certain conditions surrounding the decision, including a minimum fare no lower than $3.25 for vehicles operating as a ridesharing service. The $3.25 fare is the same base fare traditional taxis already abide by.

Susie Heath, the spokesperson for Uber Canada, said that while the current base fare for UberX trips is $2.50, the minimum fare is already $5, thus the new rules will not change the cost of fares.

According to Heath, when the city’s regulations come into effect, an additional $0.30 per trip will be added to the fare as a “city fee.”

Uber Canada commended the amended regulations passed in council on Tuesday.

“We also commend City Staff and Toronto City Council for their leadership in modernizing our city’s transportation laws,” Black said in his statement.

Black went on to add that 90,000 Uber supporters in Toronto signed an online petition to keep the ridesharing service in the city. He said that 10,000 people contacted their local city councillor directly to declare their support for Uber.

Uber Canada previously threatened to leave Toronto if restrictions were imposed on them.

Tuesday’s vote followed several new amendments – made by Mayor Tory -- to the initial rules proposed for ground transportation by city staff.

Tory said his framework “most closely follows” the advice of staff while also considering feedback from the general public.

Toronto Taxi Alliance spokesperson Sam Moini said he is satisfied with the standard minimum fare imposed for both taxis and ridesharing vehicles.

“I think it’s important that everyone follows the same rules,” Moini said Tuesday. “The $3.25 fee is standard for taxi drivers so it should be for Uber too.”

But not all were pleased with the results of Tuesday’s vote.

“All along there were two factions and what happened yesterday was that the interests of those who had a lot of stake won out in the end,” Coun. Janet Davis said Tuesday.

“I think the public and the drivers were the ones who lost and that’s unfortunate.”