TORONTO -- Brampton, Ont. has some of the highest insurance premiums in Canada which is why a 65-year-old driver said he was trying to shop around to try and find the best deal he could. 

But Stephen Dobson explained that whenever he checked with other insurance companies the original quote he was given was always higher than when they checked his driving history.

“One insurance company said that there is no record of you having insurance and driving in Ontario,” he said.

Dobson owns a 2013 Mazda 3 and said he has a good driving record. He said he contacted several companies which gave him a quote for an annual premium of about $1,600, but when they checked his driving history the quote jumped to about $2,400. 

Dobson was told it appeared he was a new driver or had been driving without coverage. 

“The last one told me that's why your insurance rates are high because it looks like you haven't had insurance and that you've been driving without insurance. I said that's impossible," said Dobson.

That’s when Dobson found out his driver’s licence had been incorrectly entered into Autoplus, the database used by insurance companies to search the insurance histories of drivers in Canada. 

“They had the wrong information that was put into the system,” said Dobson who added “my licence number was one figure off."

Dobson is currently insured with Aviva Canada. When contacted by CTV News Toronto a spokesperson said that they thanked Dobson for bringing the typo to their attention, adding that they have resolved the matter.

“Generally speaking, typos are easily corrected in the systems and do not impact one’s insurance coverage or history,” the spokesperson said. 

Aviva said despite the mistake Dobson was not being overcharged while insured with their company. Dobson said he may remain with Aviva, but hopes he can now get more accurate quotes if he does search for insurance somewhere else. 

Insurance companies say drivers should review their insurance contracts carefully to make sure all the information is accurate and if you get a quote that doesn't make sense make sure there isn't a typo in your policy.