Frustrated TTC commuters dressed as sardines marched to Queen's Park on Monday to call for lower fares and improved service.

Approximately 100 protesters -- some of them wearing silver headpieces resembling the head of a sardine while carrying a banner that read "#TTCSardines" -- arrived on a crowded bus from city hall on Monday.

The march, which was organized by the group TTCriders, aims to draw attention to the current state of public transit in Toronto.

"It is super important that we call for lower fares and better service at this time because the provincial political parties are deciding how much money to give to public transit right now," a statement from the group's website explains.

According to a January blog post, the grassroots organization wants the provincial government to contribute $700 million annually to the TTC, and increase service by 25 per cent.

"(This) is especially important as ridership grows beyond initial projections, resulting in slow and overcrowded trips," the post reads.

TTCriders also want fares to drop by 20 cents.