TORONTO -- The Ontario government told private trailer parks they could re-open on May 16, but Sandhurst Resort in Kearney, north of Huntsville, has decided it will close for the entire 2020 season.

Luciano DaSilva of Toronto has been in the park nine years and just retired three months ago and was looking forward to using his trailer often.

“There is no way out really. I just can't understand why they are not opening," DaSilva said.

DaSilva says he was shocked when the resort, which has about 140 trailers, decided that due to COVID-19 it was going to close down for the summer.

DaSilva says he invested $50,000 in a trailer with a deck and says it can’t easily be moved.

“The majority of people have additions on their trailers and with them you just can't get up and go," he said.

Sandhurst Resort sent a letter to trailer owners that said the decision was not made lightly.

“After great deliberation it is with great sadness and regret that we announce that the campground at Sandhurst will not be open for the 2020 season.”

Sue Cerilli of Innisfil has been in the park 11 years and says the people who stay there are like family.

“It's very important to us these days to get back up to the park and get back to normal and try to relax, especially with what’s been happening with COVID-19," Cerilli said.

The resort is concerned it doesn't have the infrastructure to be open during a pandemic and says there are issues around social distancing and public washrooms.

“With regards to the washrooms, we have our own washrooms in our trailers so it's not a valid excuse,” Cerilli said.

When CTV News Toronto contacted Sandhurst Resort a spokesperson said, “we have chosen not to open our campground at this time. We have no further comment.”

Trailer owners have been told their park fees will be waived for the season, but Cerilli says that's not the point and calls the situation unfair.

“It's not right that they are not opening and they are doing a real disservice to their customers," Cerilli said.

Sandhurst Resort says it closed the park in the best interests of its staff and customers, but many people with trailers there hope they can find a compromise so they can use the resort this summer.