Transit experts revealed an ambitious traffic plan aimed at combating congestion in the Greater Toronto Area at a symposium on Monday.

Traffic analysts from across the world gathered in Toronto for a symposium, discussing ways to make public transit less of a bother to commuters.

One part of the plan is to install digital clocks at each bus stop to inform commuters how much time is left before the next bus pulls in. The experts looked at several examples within Europe's intricate transit system for ideas on how to better incorporate bus, subway and train services with people who drive cars.

About $18 billion is needed over the next ten years to help make the plan a reality. Ontario has committed $12 billion but the federal government still hasn't committed to helping the project with $6 million.

A final blue print of the transit plan will be finalized this fall. The first shovel is supposed to hit the ground by next year.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Tom Hayes