Anybody who stepped outside Monday afternoon could be forgiven for thinking it was June instead of October.

For the second day in a row, temperatures soared above normal reaching 26.3C, prompting people to leave their jackets at home and don their summer shorts instead.

"It's about a dozen degrees warmer than what it should be," David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, told

Weather records were broken across Ontario Sunday. In Toronto, the record was last broken in 1979 when temperatures hit 24C.

According to Environment Canada, this is the warmest October on record so far. While 9C is the average temperature for this time of year, it has been about 16C in the first three weeks of this month.

The balmy weather, however, is coming to an end soon. Starting Tuesday, cooler temperatures are expected to prevail with highs reaching in the low teens until Friday, when it's supposed to warm up to 16C.

However, November looks like it will also be warmer than usual, though Phillips said it is highly unlikely Toronto will see temperatures like this again until next summer.

"I'm telling people to book a sick day and play hooky because you never know what's around the corner," he laughed.

Phillips warned there is a downside to the beautiful weather -- drought.

"The bad news is that the drought continues," he said. "So far we've had 50 millimetres of rain in September and October whereas last year during the same period we had 200 millimetres of rain."

Toronto is also having a record-dry year beating its 1958 weather pattern. So far, the city has only had 393 millimetres of rain whereas in 1958, Toronto had 411 millimetres of rain by late October.

The normal rain levels would be about 663 millimetres.