A Toronto woman got a nasty scare in the middle of the night when she woke up to find a slithery intruder in her east-end apartment.

The woman, named Dora, found a snake on her bathroom floor early Tuesday morning.

She told CP24’s Cam Woolley that she woke up at about 3 a.m. and thought that she saw something.

“When I went inside my bathroom… I saw a snake,” she said. "I'm panicking, I cry, I scream.”

She yelled at her husband to get out of bed when she came across the black and yellow reptile.

Her husband, named George, said he thought his wife was seeing things, until he walked over to the bathroom to see for himself.

"I opened up the door, sure enough, there was this huge snake," he said.

George said he slammed the bathroom door and called 911. Police soon arrived, and the snake was contained in the bathtub.

Officers from Toronto Animal Services have since taken the snake into their care.

It is not yet known where the snake came from, or if it belongs to somebody who lives in the building, located on Rowena Drive. The building's superintendent has done some initial canvassing to see if the owner of the snake is a resident.

With files from CP24