TORONTO - A Toronto woman who has spent the past two months stranded in Russia after having her permanent residency status revoked while abroad will soon be coming home.

Julia Yakobi's daughter says the federal government has reversed course on a previous decision and granted her the documents necessary to fly home from Moscow in the next few days.

Yakobi had flown to her native country in July, but found herself unable to return to Toronto when Citizenship and Immigration Canada denied her request for a travel document and revoked her permanent residency status.

CIC said she violated a residency requirement by only spending 65 days in Canada over the past five years, while Yakobi claimed she had lived in Toronto continuously since 2014.

CIC eventually agreed to revisit Yakobi's case and allow her to present more paperwork to support her claim to long-term residency.

Her daughter says the family complied by submitting a package of paperwork weighing 3.8 kilograms that ultimately led the government to overturn its decision.